Unique Last Minute Gift Ideas

February 14th, Valentine’s Day (ew).

In the off chance you actually know me outside of this blog, you’re probably surprised I’m doing a Valentine’s Day post, as you should be. It’s not really my “thing”.

“Oh but Allison, you’re married! You must love love! Blah Blah Blah.”

LOL. No. I think Valentine’s Day is pretty overrated. But nonetheless! I have put together the ultimate last minute gift guide for those of you who are buying into the velvety red cliche that is February 14th! So don’t stress and this guide will get you through!

barkbox-dog-subscription-1.png1. BarkBox Subscription 

Whether or not your valentine has a dog, this will definitely set him or her up well when they get one! The disappointment they’ll feel after realizing you didn’t get them a dog, will force them to sulk and you can be there to help them through! Therefore this gift comes with guaranteed cuddles! Delivered monthly, the sulking will continue and therefore, so will the cuddles! Truly, the gift that keeps on giving.


2. DIY Peppermint Candy Bowl

There are so many perks to this gift! Not only for the receiver, but also the gift giver! Odds are you have enough of these little peppermint candies left over from the holidays that you don’t need to purchase any! If that’s not the case, pay your grandmother a visit and I’m sure you’ll find some stuffed in the seat cushions. Your Valentine will be so impressed with your resourcefulness that this bowl won’t be the only thing sticky and otherwise useless.

Day 13 - empty box.png

3. Nothing

That’s right, nothing! Whether or not your Valentine is a feminist, show that you’re a thoughtful progressive by getting her nothing! When her expectations aren’t met and she voices her disappointment, shock her in the best way, by going into a rant about gender roles and stereotypes and how you think you deserve to be surprised too sometimes! No gift you could have gotten her will impress her more than your forward thinking. If she did in fact get you a gift, quickly switch the conversation to an argument against commercialism and win her over with your hipster anarchist beliefs!

vday_funny29.jpg4. An E-Card 

Nothing says I love you like heartfelt letter. But let’s be honest, the hassle of smudged ink and the pressure to fill up a page is just too much. So send your love an E card! Saves you the hassle of having to find an pen and paper, and makes it easier to copy and paste the words from someone who might be a little more well spoken than you.

02faee77cc4cf79b1db62fe8b236c9c9.jpg5. Accessorize Her Accessories!

While jewelery may always seem like a given, you don’t want to be like every other valentine your date has had! So why not accessorize her accessories? With these earring support patches, you’re guaranteed to keep your dates earlobes looking young and strong enough to carry the gifts from past valentines. Helping serve as a reminder, that you’re supportive of her as well!

I hope this list has been helpful! Please feel free to share the reaction of your Valentine if you used any of these ideas! I love hearing from you all.

Happy Valentines Day!


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