My Tove Lo Love

I can’t get enough of the saddest girl in Sweden.

After the release of her first full length album, Queen of the Clouds, Tove Lo quickly got our attention. Queen of the Clouds opened at #14 on the U.S. Billboard 200 in October of 2014. With songs that took over the radio like, Talking Body and Habits (Stay High), she had everyone’s attention. But her second album, Lady Wood,  technically did do better (Opening at #11 on Billboard 200) BUT WHY DID NO ONE TALK ABOUT IT?! I mean, maybe someone somewhere did, but I feel like this album was seriously underrated. It is full of challenging and liberating perspectives.

I have said again and again that there are so many unhealthy views of sex in this world (I mean, duh. I think we all know that). But one specifically I struggle with, is this idea that women cannot be sexual beings. That it’s up to men to be “in the mood” and that they’re the ones with the strong uncontrollable desires (I couldn’t be rolling my eyes harder).

In case you weren’t aware, women get horny too* and what I LOVE about Tove Lo’s music, is that she’s not afraid to express this. Now, sure, we have plenty of female pop singers singing about dirty things. But what I appreciate about Tove Lo specifically and what I believe to be different about her, is that she’s singing about self liberation**, self expression, and she’s not afraid to point out the hypocrisy we have in pop culture today regarding sex. Specifically in her song Cool Girl, where she mocks the idea of it being so cool to have no feelings involved and the opportunity to leave at any second. Or Don’t Talk About It, where she talks about how we purposefully blind ourselves with money, drugs, or relationships.


33054-image_5916808acc55b.jpgNow listen, the girl’s not perfect and she’s gotta sell records. So of course not every song is going to be a strong feminist anthem. But it is a strong theme I’ve found in most of her music. I just don’t think this girl is getting the attention she deserves. I mean, Blue Lips (her Lady Wood follow up) was released at #138 on the Billboard 200 chart. BUT WHY?! Give it a chance ya’ll! Listen to it and let me know what you think. Also read my lil disclaimers.


*One of my major hang ups with this is porn addiction. I am not about porn and I think it can cause some serious damage. But women who struggle with porn addiction don’t talk about it. I think that’s because we’re not supposed to be sexual beings. We’re not supposed to have strong sexual desires or deal with “impurity” like that. Super frustrating. 

**Another little disclaimer here. Self liberation in my opinion looks like a lot of things. But in this context, I’m talking separating yourself from society’s ideas of sex and what’s cool and what’s not. 


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