My Dear Melancholy, a thought.

If you haven’t heard yet, The Weeknd just dropped a new EP titled My Dear Melancholy,.

With a total of six tracks, this EP gives a credited feature to just one other artist, Gesafelstein. The entire project came as a surprise for most, after Abel Tesfaye (The Weeknd’s government name for those of you unfamiliar and uncultured) tweeted a cryptic screenshot and released the album just today.

I have to say, I am in love with this project. The Weeknd’s 2012 release, Trilogy, is the first work from the artist that grabbed my attention and My Dear Melancholy is giving me serious Trilogy vibes.

Trilogy was essentially three full albums released under one name that painted a picture of Abel as this moody mysterious bad boy. Kind of like that guy in high school that you know is nothing but trouble and couldn’t pass a drug test to save his life, but you’re like, into it? So needless to say, after Trilogy, I was a fan.

My Dear Melancholy, is bringing back some of those same vibes for me – sad, moody, sultry, but a little bit more grown up. If you consider French EDM artist Gesafelstein a “grown up” sound? Does that make sense?

I’ve seen a lot of people say that they’re confused by this random release of just six songs. But I don’t know why! When you’ve got good stuff and more good stuff coming, why sit on it if you don’t have to? Could this be a sign or small transition back to more Trilogy-like vibes and a step away from the pop that was Starboy? I can only hope! (Don’t get me wrong, I loved Starboy, but like..Trilogy).

My Dear Melancholy, is only 20 minutes long. So throw it on as you’re fighting traffic and let me know what you think! If you haven’t listened to Trilogy before, do so. If you love it, great! Let’s gush over it together. If you hate it, bye.

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