My Favorite Women – March

If the image is what drew you to this post, I don’t know who Sophia is, but I imagine she’s pretty rad. I know we’re more than halfway through April, and I’m so sorry to have deprived you for so long of the wonderful women who did some incredible things last month. If you didn’t know, March was Women’s History Month! So let’s get straight to it.

1. Ashleigh Shackleford


Founder of The Fat CensusAshleigh is absolutely groundbreaking. Helping give a voice to those and a place of safety to those who have experienced discrimination based ontheir size. Every single person deserves for their humanity to be recognized, and when it’s not, almost nothing hurts worse. Ashleigh’s project is “demanding the humanity we deserve.” Check out all of the incredible work she’s doing.

Illustration courtesy of GirlBoss


2. Sabrina Osment and Lynn Reid

Technically, these two gamer girls didn’t do anything to make headlines last month. In fact, they were breaking all kinds of rules in 1977, and I just so happened to hear about them last month. Osment and Reid were known as the “Gremlin Girls” and were hired to go on tour with an arcade game that is now known as Snake. Competitors tried to defeat the two ladies for prize money. Although they faced upwards of 1,300 challenges, they’re said to have only lost a handful. These women are considered the first professional video game players, male or female. Um, hell yeah! I had no idea until I came across this article that they even existed. Where are my gamer girls at?

3. Malala Yousafzai


In case you weren’t on the internet in the last six years, let me introduce you to Malala Yousafzai. Yousafzai is a Pakistani native, who fled the country after a brutal attack that left her on the verge of death. Malala and her fellow classmates were on a bus that was stopped by a militant group, leaving her with a gunshot wound to the head when she was just 14. Since the attack, Yousafzai has continued to be outspoken about the importance of education for young women and although some call her a hero, there are still those in her home country who believe her to be an agitator that needs to be silenced. Because of this, her return to Pakistan came as a surprise and tremendous act of bravery. Absolutely someone to look up to when facing adversity to remind yourself that you CAN DO ANYTHING.

Those are the three amazing women I have for you this month! Who’s been inspiring you?


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