Ranting Women Read

If you’re already in the Ranting Women group, you’ve probably seen the posts, but for those of you that AREN’T, I want to catch you up to speed. Basically, we’ve all seen those book exchange posts that go around that either fall apart half way through or no one ends up actually getting a book.

Well, the Ranting Women are giving it a shot! We’re putting together a book exchange for members of the Facebook group. Basically everything three months (because we want to respect your wallet and your time) you’ll be sent the name and address of a fellow babe to send a book to! The book can be anything you chose, although I recommend almost anything you find at The Bookshop.

If you’d like to participate, we’d love to have you! Just send me a message on Instagram or leave a note when you request to join the Ranting Women group!

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