10 Compliments You Can Give That Have Nothing To Do With Looks

Complimenting someone’s appearance can mean a whole lot to them. BUT, it in the same breath, it could harm them, too. Actually, my reason for writing this post is because I did just that. A new friend of mine can eat anything and he seems to never gain a pound. I told him how jealous I was of that, and he shared with me that he’s actually had an eating disorder since his mother’s unfortunate passing. You can imagine what I felt like.

24 Favorites

Today is my 24th birthday! What a freaking day. I woke up to the apartment decorated like the birthday party scene in The Office and I’ve spent the morning living like a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills. But I’m also so excited to share my new website and logo with all of you! (Lady Lark KILLED IT). So thank you for being here and checking it out! I couldn’t imagine a better way to celebrate with everyone. I threw together a list of 24 of my favorite things