Simple Pleasures

It’s the middle of the month and boy does it feel like it.

March has been a blast so far and I’ve been able to spend some time with crucial friends. Like some of the BEST people on this planet. Everyone needs those friends you can do nothing with and leave with your heart feeling so full. BUT, holy crap. I am tired haha. I legitimately have woken up every day this week planning my next nap.

My contacts are dry and my muscles are sore, but I’m practicing a few simple things to give myself the will to keep on living.

 – People Watch

Listen, I am not about sitting down in a public place to judge those who walk past or sit down next to you. But I am about giving yourself some peace and space just to listen. This week specifically I’ve had a blast just eavesdropping on conversations. Is that rude? Is it worse that I don’t care? Honestly, I think I enjoy it so much because it’s like getting to know someone without the work of actually having a conversation haha and it’s a chance to play pretend! To let your mind wander and imagine! You can write the script to someone else’s life with 0% accuracy, but have a blast storytelling.

– Watch This Video

I love the Kardashians. I love Ellen. The best part about this video is that after you watch it, more funny videos are bound to follow.

– Eat Pizza 

Listen, Whole 30 is spreading like wildfire (read about my girl’s experience). I myself am vegan. People are counting carbs, watching sugar, boycotting high fructose corn syrup. All of these things are great. But one of the most refreshing experiences I had this month was having a friend over, drinking some wine, and eating some pizza (don’t get your panties in a bunch, mine had no cheese). We spent hours watching Broad City (if you’re late to this game, you need to catch up. Broad City is amazing) and eating pizza in our onesies. If you’re struggling, it’s okay to just take a second to relax and treat yourself to some classic American comfort food (can I call Papa John’s that?)




My Favorite Women – February

I said it before and I’ll say it again, 2018 is the year of the woman. We will fight for equal representation, we will elect more female leaders, and we will better ourselves at uplifting one another!

Each month I’m highlighting a handful of women that are doing some really cool things. Check out some of these incredible women who did some incredible things this past month and

Happy International Women’s Day! 


1. Amanda Taub

Former human rights lawyer, Amanda Taub has quickly become one of my favorite journalists. Covering all kinds of human interests stories, Taub’s writing is both insightful and engaging – sharing the good news that is feminism!  You can read one of her recent articles and one of my favorites here, all about women experts.



2. Larkayla Mosley 

A dear friend and artist, Larkayla continues to inspire and challenge cultural norms through her art. She’s on my list of favorite women for February because she did something I think we’re all afraid to do. She took a risk and put herself out there (professionally speaking) and is now able to create art for a group of people she herself greatly admires. A refreshing and inspiring reminder that we all need to take risks.



3. Julie Greenwald

Talk about a boss! Julie Greenwald is currently the Co-Chariman of the Board and Chief Operating Officer at Atlantic Records. Basically, she’s on the of the most powerful women in the music industry. Not only that, but she was also one of many female executives that came together to write a letter in opposition of Grammy Chief Neil Portnow’s comment, claiming women need to “step it up”. Read all about it. 


4. Caitlin Stout

One of the most well-read people her age, Caitlin is someone whose passion is contagious. She’s doing incredible things for the #FaithfullyLGBTQ+ community and not apologizing for it. She has strong beliefs and a lot of love. Honestly, what more is there? This past month, she’s helped spearhead a movement across Spring Arbor University’s campus meant to make others safer and honestly more Christ-like. You can read more about her perspective on her blog!

There’s a number of things you can do to celebrate the women in your life today and there’s a number of things you can do to celebrate them every day. Here’s a few:

“Read women. Cite Women. Credit Women. Teach women. Publish women. Present women. Acknowledge women. Award women. Amplify women. Hire women. Support women. Promote women. Hear women. Believe women. Follow women. Pay women. Pay women. Pay women.” – Shailja Patel