My Favorite Women – January

2018 is the year of the woman. I have no doubt.

What does that mean? – That means that this year women strive individually and as collectively as we can to continue progress towards gender equality in our respective countries, cities, workplaces, homes, etc.

So for every month of 2018, I’ll be highlighting women who are doing some cool things! Check out my list from January.


I was a superfan of dance music maybe my freshman year of high school exclusively. Personally, I have left that phase behind, but don’t get your panties in a bunch, that has almost nothing to do with this post.

I left dance music behind and thankfully, EDEN has too and therefore is able to bless us with atmospheric gold that is his latest, “vertigo”.


There is something so intriguing about EDEN’s simple sound. With vocals that sound almost lazy at times, you’re surprised by their ability to still evoke a deep emotion. If you glaze over the lyrics, which honestly at times are hard to understand (hence the almost lazy vocals), you are still able to get this sense of heaviness.

We saw this in his first release, “i think you think too much of me”. Simple lyrics, seemingly simple songs in general. But there are these little unexpected quirks about each one that keeps your interest.

This is why I’m so intrigued by all of this. Individually, each element of this record is simple, not overly complex. But when it’s all put together it’s minimalism is so pleasing to the ear and intriguing that part of me wants to keep listening to it just because I can’t figure out why I like it so much.

So this is me saying, listen to it and tell me why it’s so good because I don’t really know. It just is.

Tasty Jams – February

HOW is it February. I have no idea. But here’s what I’m listening to while I try to figure out where all the time has gone:

First of all you need to listen to EDEN’s entire new album, but I couldn’t put the whole thing on here. Moving on…

Lottery – Jade Bird 

Obsessed with this girl. Super mature sound for a 20 year old.

Shake Me Down – Broken Witt Rebels

I actually first heard this song just shy of a year ago, but it’s cycled it’s way through and I’m in love with it all over again.

My Thoughts On You – The Band CAMINO

Because who doesn’t love a sad song.

Fire – Barns Courtney

Because I needed something that makes me feel like kicking dirt off of the boots I don’t own.

You can watch this playlist grow the whole month long if you want! Most of these are recycled songs, SO PLEASE, tell me what you’re listening to this month. I’m looking for new jams!