“If that was assault, then…”

“If what Aziz Ansari did was assault, then every woman I know has been assaulted.”

Now we’re getting it.

The #MeToo movement inspired an incredible amount of women to come forward with their stories of rape, assault, and harassment. Some of these attacks women spoke about were vicious and intentionally cruel. Others shared how men in positions of power took advantage of them. And others were a little fuzzy. They sounded a little too familiar to so many women and men, poking holes in what so many people believe to be consent.

Aziz Ansari is a perfect example.

Pale Waves: Can’t Get Enough

Pale Waves is the modern synth pop group you’ve been missing.

Their dreamy 80’s sound has been stuck in my head since I heard their first single “There’s a Honey” produced by label mates, the 1975. Not to mention their oh-so-catchy “New Year’s Eve” that I forced Dylan to listen to every morning on our way to work. But I mean, what better way was there to prep for the holiday?

With a look that satisfies my inner grunge girl, I will continue to sing along to lyrics that make me feel cooler than I actually am. I cannot wait to see where this group goes!