Sassy Stocking Stuffers: A Guide

The holidays are HERE! Our Christmas tree is up and crooked, but she cute. We’ve got lights on the porch and garland EVERYWHERE. We are READY. Just like every other blogger in the world, I’ve put together a little baby list of gift ideas. But these ones are a little different, tailored to that sassy someone in your life. We’re going to start small here, and focus on filling up that stocking. Keep your eyes peeled for a complete gift guide coming soon!

Petit Vour Box Review – September

It’s almost November! You know what that means! That means that you’re about to read a post that’s a month late!!! Bet you’re so pumped! If you’ve been following along at all, you know that one of the things we try to do over here at is empower women. Part of that empowerment is educating women and giving them access to products that are significantly better for their health, than what they’re currently using. If you don’t think the make up you’re wearing now is that that bad, you’re going to want to put a pause on this, and read up on the Five Toxins on Your Face Right Now.